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Ely fast men Rob Golding and Darran Bennett went head to head on Saturday in the ECCA 50 mile championship race on the F2/50 course near Cambourne on the A428. Windy conditions on parts of the course meant it wasn't a day for setting new records, but despite the wind both Ely riders set fast times, with Golding marginally faster with a time of 1:44:27 and Bennett finishing in a time of 1:45:23.

Other senior Ely riders were also racing on Saturday, but preferred the twisty and hilly F14/25 course near Guilden Morden in an event organised by the Hitchin Nomads. John Manlow was the fastest Ely rider on the day, finishing the 25 miles in just under an hour on 58:58, a new course personal best for him. Colin Currie, in his first ever open 25 mile event, narrowly missed completing the race in under an hour, finishing with a time of 1:00:17, as did Derek Ricketts who stopped the clock on 1:00:50, another course personal best.

Junior riders Harvey Woodroffe and Tom Lewis, meanwhile, were taking part in the ECCA Championship road races at the Redbridge Cycling Centre. Woodroffe was first to race in the U12 race but had a bad start due to a collision with another racer off the line. He put in a huge effort to get back to the front of the race, but having done so a group of riders went off the front of the pack late in the race which Woodroffe was unable to follow. However, he was still able to sprint for the line on the final climb, bagging another podium position with 3rd place.

Lewis was racing in the U16 category shortly afterwards and at the beginning of the race was sitting comfortably in the front group. However, due to the pressure from repeated attacks made by other riders he lost contact with the lead group on one of the many climbs in the race and ended up riding with the second group on the road. Confident in his ability to sprint for the line, however, he attacked the group on the final lap on the final climb, which put him in 7th place at the chequered flag.

Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs Press Release 24th May 2022


Darran Bennett in the ECCA 50 mile championship. Credit Davey Jones.

Rob Golding in the ECCA 50 mile championship. Credit Davey Jones.

Tom Lewis waiting for the start of the U16 race in the ECCA Championships.

Harvey Woodroffe sprinting for the line in the U12 race.


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