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Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs Press Release 9th October 2019


With the time trial season drawing to a close, and a flooded course preventing the Norwich ABC 25 mile race on Sunday from going ahead, the only time trial action involving riders from the Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs last weekend was Martin Holmes racing in the Norwich ABC 10 mile event which took place on the B10/43 course on Saturday. However, Holmes made the most of the opportunity, setting a new personal best time for the course by 11 seconds with a time of 22 minutes 37 seconds leaving him in 11th place overall.

Martin Holmes on his way to setting a new personal best on the B10/43 course. Credit Dominic Austrin.

The wet weather on Sunday didn't stop the Ashwell Cyclocross race on Sunday from going ahead, but it did contribute towards a series of mechanical issues faced by Ely riders. Andrew and Simon Hambling were both afflicted by mechanical failures, with Andrew Hambling's in the Youth race being brought to a premature end by a bent gear hanger, while a broken gear hanger prevented Simon Hambling from taking the start in the Grand Vets race. Kieran Vanhoutte was also affected by mechanical issues in the Under 12s race but still managed to finish the race, coming home in 15th place. Isaac Barton was racing in the Youth Race and finished in 41st place. In the Veterans race Ferenc Vanhoutte finished 52nd, and in the Grand Vets category Martin Holland took 35th place after being brought down by another rider crashing during the first lap of the race.

Martin Holland feels the pain in the Ashwell CX race. Credit Fergus Muir.

Ferenc Vanhoutte racing in the Veterans race in the Ashwell CC event. Credit Fergus Muir.


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