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Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs Press Release 26th June 2019


Zena Palgrave set a new club record for the Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs on Sunday, breaking her own record for a 100 mile time trial. Racing on the E2/100c course along the A11 in an event organised by the ECCA, Palgrave completed the 100 mile event in a time of 4 hours 26 minutes and 57 seconds, knocking just over 3 minutes off her previous record set the year before.

Zena Palgrave at the beginning of her 100 mile race. Credit Davey Jones.

Zena Palgrave rounds the turn on the E2/100c course. Credit Fergus Muir.

Zena Palgrave nears the finish only 20 metres to go. Credit Davey Jones.

A few days earlier, Rory Havis and Will Shepherd were also racing on the A11 albeit over a rather shorter distance. Havis and Shepherd took part in the third of the four 10 mile races organised by the VTTA on Thursday evenings. Havis repeated the impressive performances he had given in previous races, stopping the clock on 20:08, which gave him eighth place overall, while Shepherd finished the 10 miles in a time of 22:23.

On Saturday, two Ely riders took part in the Victoria CC 10 mile event on the E1/10a course near Stansted. Darran Bennett finished the course in a time of 22:13, leaving him in fourth place overall, while Cliff Loveday completed the race in a time of 24 minutes exactly.


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