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Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs Press Release 22nd January 2019


With the Cyclocross season coming to an end, this weekend saw the penultimate round of the Eastern Cylocross League held at the World Horse Welfare centre near Snetterton in an event organised by Iceni Velo.

In the youth races which took place in the morning the ground was frozen and hard, providing reasonable levels of grip. Tom Lewis, racing in the Under 12s race, made the most of the conditions and finished in a strong 10th place, while Kieran Vanhoutte finished in 14th position despite having been involved in a crash on the first lap. In the Under 14s race, Isaac Barton finished in 17th place having picked up places throughout the race.

Tom Lewis riding down the finishing straight in the U12s race.
Tom Lewis riding down the finishing straight in the U12s race. Credit Martin Lewis.

cyclist lunges for the finish line
Kieran Vanhoutte lunges for the line at the end of the U12s race. Credit Martin Lewis.

Cyclist on a muddy course
Isaac Barton racing in the U14s race. Credit Fergus Muir.

By the time the older riders came to race the ground had started to thaw, resulting in a very slippery layer of mud over the frozen ground beneath. Ferenc Vanhoutte was the sole Ely rider in the Veterans race and finished in 49th place. In the Grand Vets race Phil Peacock failed to finished, but Martin Holland had one of his best results of the season, finishing in 25th place despite a fall which lost him 4 places.


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