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Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs Press Release 12th June 2019


Three riders from the Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs took part in the VTTA National Championships this week, racing on the E2/25 course over a distance of 25 miles. The conditions were not conducive to fast times, but the fastest Ely rider Darran Bennett still completed the 25 mile race is well under one hour in a time of 54 minutes 31 seconds. John Manlow and Derek Ricketts finished the race in times of 58:13 and 59:28 respectively.

The Ely & District Cycling Club - B&T Motor Repairs also hosted its own open event on Sunday in the form of a 10 mile time trial on the B10/1R course starting and finishing near Mepal with the turn at the Lancaster Way roundabout. Six Ely riders took part, with Rory Havis the fastest having completed the race in a time of 22 minutes 26 seconds. Martin Holmes was the second fastest Ely rider with a time of 23:59. Steve Peck was the third fastest Ely racer with 24:34 following closely behind by Chris Brown in 24:50. Glen Clark continued his return to time trial racing with a time of 26:19 and Alison Holmes finished in 29:34. The event was won by Felix Barker in a time of 20:31.

A few days before, four Ely riders had also taken part in the VTTA event held on Thursday evening on the E2/10 course on the A11 near Newmarket. Rory Havis set the best time of the Ely riders with 20:28, a personal best for Havis on that course, followed by Steve Peck (22:27), Will Shepherd (22:36) and Glen Clark (24:06).

Will Shepherd, Steve Peck, Glen Clark racing in the VTTA 10 mile event on the E2/10. All photos courtesy of Davey Jones.


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