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Inner Tube Recycling

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Don’t bin your old inner tubes, we’re collecting them!

We are a registered drop off point for old bicycle tubes to be recycled via a charity called Cycle of Good.

So, those old inner tubes that you were planning on sending to landfill can now be collected and sent to Cycle of Good who will use the recycled materials to create hand-crafted goods, training up tailors in the world’s deprived regions to help them make a living.

“Cycle of Good create quality hand-crafted goods using recycled materials by training tailors in the world’s deprived regions to help them earn a sustainable salary. All money made by Cycle of Good pays for childcare and non-profit social enterprise in Malawi.

The charity accepts any size or shape of tubes, from mountain bikes, road bikes, kids’ bikes and even from wheelbarrow wheels!

Inner tubes can contain patches but no slime please. If you have any old tubes to dispose off please contact us on

The web site for more details is

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